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Asking questions never hurts!
1. Can we submit art of our oc's if someone else has drawn it?
Most certainly! We do accept this, but bear in mind that the person who has drawn it must agree to have it put into the group as well.

2. Can I submit art of other people's characters as long as they are original?
Yes, absolutely! Just be sure if they ask you to remove it you do.

3. My characters aren't humans! Can we still submit them?
Of course! We've made folders to accommodate anthro and creatures. If you're curious about which folder, or feel we need an addition, feel free to note us and let us know!

4. My picture/story has violence/gore/sexual themes in it, can I still submit it here?
As long as the picture has the proper warning on it, that's not an issue.

5. Do you qualify a fandom as a story we ourselves have created?
This one is a bit hard to judge as it varies from person to person; but generally speaking, it's all fine to submit here, as long as you, the creator, are aware.

6. Do you accept stories?
Yes, haha, we have a whole folder for them, go wild!

7. Why only finished/completed works allowed?
Because if it's a WIP, that likely means when you finish, you're going to submit it again. We'd rather only have the finished product.

8. Why did my _____ character get into this section?!
Because you accidentally submitted it there. We don't choose where things go, you guys do when you submit them, sillies.

9. I accidentally submitted to the wrong folder! What do I do?
Simple. comment on the submission telling us your mistake and we'll fix it. Or withdraw the submission, and resubmit to the correct folder.

10. Can we advertise on the main page?
It kind of all depends what it's for. Perhaps journals meant for advertising will come in the future, so all you lovelies can get your stuff out there.

11. Why is it taking longer than others to get my work approved into the group?
That simply means there's a possible issue and we're trying to work it out without bothering you, the creator. If it can't be resolved ourselves, we will then talk to you and get everything worked out!

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:iconoriginality-soars: Originality-Soars Where OCs Soar!!!11!!!1 :iconz-parasites: Z-Parasites Infected!Are you ready to rebel? :iconocsandme: OCsAndMe :iconempyrean-academy: Empyrean-Academy :iconhadez-fc: Hadez-fc :iconoc-couture: OC-Couture for those with a fashion sense :iconocstogether: OCsTogether For all OCs! :iconglitterati-litterati: Glitterati-Litterati :icontwelvegates: TwelveGates :iconbattlelords23c: Battlelords23c Living in a Dangerous Future!

Important Message That You Need To Read

:star:Welcome to the Group!:star:
:bulletblue:This group is for OC's with their own stories! That is, they are not related to any fandom. This group is to feature your original characters, as well as your stories, or comics, or even original creatures/species!! We hope you'll enjoy your time in the group! Any questions feel free to ask and either the co-founder or myself will be happy to answer them. :)

:bulletpurple:Only 3 entries per day:bulletpurple:
:bulletyellow:Please be patient for your submission to be approved.:bulletyellow:
:bulletpink: Please put artwork in the correct folder. :bulletpink:
:bulletred:Do not submit anything to the feature folder :bulletred:
:bulletorange: No flaming/trolling! If we get any reports of this, you're kicked out.
:bulletblack: All forms of art are accepted (Visual art, literature, comics, etc)
:bulletblack: Any maturity level is fine with the proper filter
:bulletblack: Have fun!






I was watching Black Lagoon the other day and came up with this new character. This time its not affiliated with Nintendo. Here's what I have so far. No stealing!

Title: Red Bullet


Jake Jones/Red Bullet

Aqua Spells

Mr. Jones

Mrs. Jones

Ian Jones/Boogie Man

Plot: During the 1950s, there had been hard times in the city of London. Ever since the bombing incident, people have been plagued by the feeling of an apocalypse. Gangs, and mobs were starting to take over the streets. Sometime later a new group emerged; Bio-Humans, people with powers no one understood. The cause of the spread was from an artifact known as the Emerald Cyclone, which gave whoever came in contact with it, mutant powers. A protection group known as Afro Black (Name might change) who was believed to be working with God, was born to get rid of the mutant threat, but over the years, this group started to question whether someone was a normal human or not, and started to prosecute everyone they came across. A child came across the Emerald Cyclone and was given extraordinary abilities. He had super agility, and extreme knowledge in weapons. Armed with only 2 guns, gadgets, and these new human powers, he must use these abilities to combat the groups leaders, and bring justice to London, all while rescuing his friends.
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Allenare Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
May I ask a question? What folder should I place an artwork that is an animation? :D
epicShadowdragon Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
The Miscellaneous folder.
Allenare Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh ok ^^ thanks :D
epicShadowdragon Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome.
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